Our principles

Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the principle of a voluntary approach of the company to the issue of improving and developing the social environment.

MAENTIVA, as a socially responsible group, does not consider profit as its only priority, but also manages its activities with regard to their social and environmental impact on the environment. We deal with business partners and other parties honestly and in all circumstances. We are actively interested in and responsible to individuals and communities around us. Our employees adhere to a strict code of ethics and other guidelines governing their conduct and procedures in their day-to-day work activities. We actively support public benefit projects and the non-profit sector. We behave respectfully towards the environment and try to limit our possible negative impacts on it.

Within the principles of social responsibility, we observe responsible behavior not only in the area of ​​business decisions and strategies, but also in the area of ​​the social impact of the company's operation. Under the concept of corporate philanthropy, many imagine only financial donations that the company provides for public benefit purposes, but our group supports public benefit activities in several ways. For example: provision of services, gifts in kind, loans of products or property, long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations, patronage of programs and projects.