Principles of corporate behavior

Based on our belief, based on the principle of "quality comes first", our company group MAENTIVA makes active efforts to create a sustainable society and the environment through our activities in the individual countries and areas in which we operate.

To achieve this, we follow the following seven principles and, whether at home or abroad, we respect human rights, we comply with legislation, international standards and moral principles based on them, and we respect the rules of social responsibility. and ethics:

Safety and quality

We strive for the satisfaction and trust of our customers and consumers by focusing on safety, developing and offering products and services that have a potential benefit for society.


We follow the rules of fair, open and free competition. We comply with applicable laws, rules and obligations and follow the principles of social responsibility in our business. We also uphold the principles of ethics towards executives and dissociate ourselves from relationships with individuals or groups that promote illegal activity or endanger public order and security.

Openness and communication

We clearly and transparently inform the public about our corporate activities and we also maintain active communication with our business partners *, thus striving to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Human rights and labor

We respect the personality, individuality and diversity of our employees' needs and provide them with a safe, pleasant and creative work environment to help them feel self-realized, balanced and satisfied in life.


We recognize that the way we approach the environment is primarily a matter of approaching people and is therefore essential for the continued existence and entrepreneurship of our group, so that we take a proactive and positive approach to environmental issues.

Corporate affiliation

We respect the culture and customs of the individual countries and territories in which we operate and actively support civic activities that are closely linked to the local community.

Top management attitude

Our senior management strictly follows the principles of this provision and seeks viable ways to achieve them, accepts suggestions from inside and outside the organization and strives to ensure that these principles are adopted by all members of the group and at the same time spread this thinking, towards to all stakeholders, including our suppliers. In the event of a breach of these principles, senior management shall take the necessary measures and initiate disciplinary action against those individuals in order to find a solution to the problems that have arisen, even in the case of members of senior management.

* The term "business partners" refers to all persons and organizations associated with the activities of our group, including our employees, shareholders, creditors, local residents, government agencies and local governments.